The ACDC (ASTRI-CTA Data Challenge) is carried out in the framework of the CTA and ASTRI programs, in order to enhance the scientific return of the these projects with which the INAF community will have, for the first time, the possibility of analysing a large amount of TeV data.

ACDC is an INAF project that includes 85 scientist (36 staff FTE + 9,6 non-staff FTE) in 9 INAF structures. The project officially started on September 2017 and will end in 2019.

The goal of the project is to simulate three years of observations with the ASTRI Mini Array, using a model of the TeV sky derived from data collected from the current TeV telescopes suitably extrapolated to the ASTRI energy range, taking into account the theoretical models proposed for the various classes of sources. The simulated photons will produce Cherenkov radiation in the atmosphere and will be detected by a simulated ASTRI mini-array. The simulated data set will be delivered to the community of potential INAF users who will have the opportunity to learn the analysis techniques used in the VHE gamma-ray astronomy.