In the first phases of the ACDC project, the researchers have produced a full cycle of IRFs (Instruments Response Function) and pointing plan preparation, data simulation, analysis, catalogue generation and archive. This was the Run0.

After the Run0, the Run1 has been started. In this phase the researchers want to optimize all work packages. In particular, to optimize the sky production, the researchers have made 21 proposals, in which they describe what kind of objects they would like to observe and what kind of scientific research they would like to do on these sources, in this way the simulation has been more accurate. After the simulation and the realization of the archive (which took place in September 2018), the data set was delivered to the community of potential INAF users who will have the opportunity to learn the analysis techniques used in the VHE gamma-ray astronomy.

If you want more information about the ACDC Run1 visit the ASTRI gamma Facebook page.